“Imagine a future that you designed for yourself”-Bianca Andreescu


Bianca Andreescu is kissing her US Open Trophy

Bianca Andreescu, who made history by became the first Canadian player ranked the highest position(World No.04) in the WTA progressive card. Bibi hasn’t picked up a tennis racquet since November 2019 due to her knee injury and Coronavirus outbreaks. However, during this long break, Bianca is spending her time with family, reading books, social media, playing video games and watching series on Netflix. 

How to keep going in challenging times!

COVID-19 makes a serious impact on everyone’s mental health. Here, the 19-year-old revealed her self-care activities during this challenging period in a recent Fashion Magazine interview, Bianca said she has been doing during social distancing and trying to be as productive and positive in every day. 

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The US Open Reigning Andreescu said: “I am reading a lot. I enjoy reading personal development books about all aspect of life (healthy eating, spirituality, understanding the science and history of human existence etc.) I highly recommend reading some of Nathaniel Branden’s work. And also really enjoy Eckhart Tolle, Malcolm Gladwell, Don Miguel Ruiz and Wayne Dyer.”

Of course, “I love Netflix and HBO series too! I am currently streaming Ozark, Narcos, Euphoria and Friends (you have to add some lighthearted comedy in there, especially before going to bed!). I also really enjoy watching any kind of documentary, so any and all suggestions are welcome”


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Notably, the young player Bianca Andreescu joins star-studded Mutua Madrid Virtual Pro-line up. Tomorrow, the US Open Champion will compete with Former World No.01 Carolina Wozniacki and Madison Keys of the United States.

“Practise Visualization helps to achieve your goal” – Bianca Andreescu

World No.06 shared her daily meditation and visualization practises through an Interview with the tennis channel. And also how imagination helped to win a dream Grand Slam title at Billie Jean King National Tennis Center. 

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BNP Paribas Open Champ Bianca Andreescu stated: “It’s definitely not easy. I’m trying to stay as motivated as I can. You basically picture yourself in a moment in the future, of what you want a certain moment to look like. For me, that was to win the US Open…the key is to feel yourself in that situation in the future, which I think is the tough part of it.” 

“I’ve been doing it for a long time, so that’s really been helping. Since I can’t really hit balls, I’ve been visualizing myself hitting and back in competition and just imagining that this is all going to go away” Bibi added. 


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