“I’m Very Uncertain”- Grigor Dimitrov Still Not Sure On His Participation In US Open 2020


Grigor Dimitrov

Bulgarian Tennis star Grigor Dimitrov has made nine appearances at Flushing Meadows, and his best events happen to be the last year’s. While playing the semi-final where he lost to world number five Daniel Medvedev.

Earlier of this year, Dimitrov had tested positive for Coronavirus in late- June at Adria Tour but got recovered within a while. Perhaps, he still feels the consequences and the chances of the virus relapsing. However, Dimitrov will take a hiatus and wait until he’s perfectly healthy to get back to make the final decision on the US Open.

Moreover, Grigor Dimitrov quotes on the Sky Sports “Right now, I’m very uncertain. I thought about it and I keep thinking about it every day. There are lots of question marks but I’m left with few answers.”

Grigor Dimitrov

He also mentions that being affected as a player and being a European is not easy. It’s too hard because they have got to travel 12 hours to reach New York including taking a couple of planes, booking hotels which are all nothing but a tedious process. 

Grigor Dimitrov Believes Many Other Players Don’t Want To Travel To New York

Grigor Dimitrov also well- wishes people around him to stay safe by mentioning “I hope nobody gets it, even if it does, things are gonna get a little complicated. Even though we have agreements with the government it puts a lot of limitations on the schedule and yourself.”

Grigor Dimitrov

Dimitrov has been practicing very well for a while and getting himself ready. He happens to wait for the announcement so that he can take further steps and making the final move.

But for now, it’s a very uncertain and delicate time since he has recovered but still in quite a dilemma of answering everybody about the decision.

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Three-time Grand Slam champion Andy Murray said that he’s got top players that are planning to skip the US Open. Dimitrov added that he knows for sure many other players don’t wanna travel and go so far but then, every player has a competitive nature ever since.


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