“I’m Torn Between Roasting People” – Naomi Osaka Talks about Black Square


Naomi Osaka and Black square

Former World Number One Naomi Osaka joined an online demonstration against racism. She also criticized people who are posting about lootings and black square over a protest against George Floyd killing. 

Last week, An unarmed African American Geroge Floyd killed by Minneapolis police officer. Consequently, justice protests broke out in several cities of the United States and social media as well.   

Thousand of people are showing their physical support for George Floyd’s justice protests across the world. At the same time, millions of Social media followers are condemning through their words and images. However, Most of the social media supporters have been posting a black square other than that there is nothing else. 

Naomi Osaka

“I’m torn between roasting people for only posting the black square this entire week…Or, accepting that they could’ve posted nothing at all so I should deal with this bare minimum bread crumb they have given.”  Naomi Osaka wrote on her recent twitter post.

“Silence is Betrayal”-  Naomi Osaka condemn racial injustice

Earlier, Naomi Osaka’s social media pages have filled with Cartoon characters and Tiktok videos. Nowadays, it’s dazzling with quotes against injustice and racial discrimination. 

“There comes a time when silence is Betrayal” as well as tweeting “just because it doesn’t happen to you doesn’t mean it isn’t happening”.

Naomi Osaka twitter post

“When you tweet about the lootings before you tweet about the death of an unarmed black man”.

“see people been a ghost on twitter for a week when the events first started unfolding, but as soon as the looting started they sure are quick to give us hourly updates on how they’re feeling once again.” 

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“It’s funny to me that the people who wanna wear chains, blast hip hop in the gym, attempt to get dapped up, and talk in slang are suddenly quiet right now.”


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