“I’m Not Saying That We Have To Take Money From Federer ”- Marion Bartoli On Her Doubles Comments


Marion Bartoli

Former Wimbledon champion Marion Bartoli made doubtful comments over tennis doubles events last week. Her comments triggered a major controversy in the tennis world. However, Former World number seven Bartoli gives her explanation over the past comment about the doubles match.

On Sunday French tennis star Bartoli, in a talk with RMC Sports Show Revival, explained the whole thing behind her comments.”I absolutely do not want to take away the doubles, but could we make tournaments with fewer teams and keep prize money for the qualifications? Give a little less money to the winner of the doubles tournaments, or even the total prize money of the doubles, to distribute it in the qualifications?” 

From the origin of tennis tours cancelation due to Coronavirus pandemic, lower-ranked tennis players have been facing difficulties to meet the month’s end. On the other hand, a lot of conversation goes over how to help those players. 

Marion Bartoli

Moreover,  Bartoli expressed her view on how to help those players. “We had a global reflection after the video of this Algerian player (Inès Ibbou), 620th world, who said that she couldn’t make a living from tennis and was forced to travel in difficult conditions.” 

“I Don’t Just Think About Taxing Doubles Players”-Marion Bartoli

In the recent Forbes list of the highest-paid athletes, 20-time Grand Slam champion Swiss star Roger Federer landed on No.01 spot.“My overall reflection is to see that Roger Federer is the highest-paid sportsman at 100 million dollars and the 150th world cannot make a living from his sport.

Marion Bartoli

I’m not saying that we have to take money from Federer but that if we could better distribute the prize money and save somewhere for players who have so many costs elsewhere, I don’t see the harm in there. I don’t just think about taxing doubles players, my thinking is more global,” Bartoli added.

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During 13 years of professional tennis career, Bartoli focused more on singles. She won 12 WTA singles titles and three titles in doubles. Although, a French Woman reached semifinals at the 2011 Roland Garros.


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