“I Will Definitely Win Some More Tournaments”: Andy Murray Confident Ahead of French Open 2020



Andy Murray still believes that he has the potential to win titles. Murray, who will be facing Stan Wawrinka, will step onto Paris’s clay surface after three years.

Additionally, Murray’s and Wawrinka’s last clash at the French Open turned to be a clash which changed the career forever for both the players. Hence, everyone is excited to see their upcoming match in the first round.

The former world number one is having a hard time due to his injuries. However, he is back on the court. But this time, it is different for the 33-year old as he now requires wild card entry to play in events. Moreover, he is also at the mercy of draws.

The 3-time Grand Slam winner had hip surgery, and while his metal hip is carrying him well, the legs are still having a difficult time in the matches


The coronavirus pandemic had added various other problems in addition to the ones that there already were. Besides, the absence of play for long months has also affected the game of Murray’s and others. Murray said, “What I would love is six months of consistent practice, tournaments, resting.”

“It’s a Lot Harder To Improve”- Murray on New Ranking System

Besides, Murray is currently ranked 111th, which is making him a bit worry. He added, “The thing which is making it hard is that, where I am ranked right now. I feel good this week, and then I draw Stan in the first round. Or Djokovic.”

In addition to this, he also shared his views about the ranking system. Murray added, “In Cincinnati, I beat (Alexander) Zverev, who was seeded three. You are playing the best players early in tournaments, and, with the two-year ranking system, it’s a lot harder to improve your ranking.

Murray and Wawrinka

He continued, “To get to the top 50 in the world, the points you will need will be significantly more than what they usually are. Players are adding points to their tally. Whereas, apart from Antwerp and the points at the end of the year, I hardly have any points on the computer.”

“I am aware it will be tough to get back up there, but I feel, if I can have five, six months where I can compete in the tournaments I want to and practice properly, I will definitely win some more tournaments and have some more good wins.”, Briton concluded. 

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While Murray and Stan Wawrinka both are trying to find their form back, it would be interesting to see if anyone can recover and play to their best.


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