“I Will Dedicate Myself To The Children”: Rafael Nadal Reveals Amazing Future Plans After Retiring From Tennis


Rafael Nadal has always been a popular name amongst the world of tennis. His achievements are nothing but an impressive outcome of his dedicated hard work. 

Nadal just equalled the record of Roger Federer and became the winner of 20 Grand Slam titles. Also, whenever we talk about Nadal, G.O.A.T is the term which comes to mind. He might become one after he finishes his career.

Recently, in an interview, Nadal talked about his retirement plans and what goals he has set for the future Rafa. 

Rafael Nadal

Nadal mentioned many aspects of his future and what time he’ll be retiring. Additionally, he became candid and went on to reveal that future is not predictable to anyone. He might just have some big plans for his foundation. 

Moreover, life does not come up with a plan, and it can bring about anything, anytime. 

“Teach Children English And Computer Science”: Rafael Nadal 

Rafael went on to answer that he doesn’t know when he’d retire, but when his time comes, he will feel it and bid goodbye to tennis. Maybe it would happen the same year, who knows? But the future is not absolute. 

The Spaniard says that there are many more important things than just being a tennis player. Whenever we hear about Nadal, social work comes along with it. Moreover, he has many foundations across the globe. Including, India, Spain and Mexico through which helps children and needy people across the globe. 

Also, when asked about what he’s (Rafa) going to do next after retirement, Spaniard revealed his plans in detail. “I will dedicate myself to the children. Our Foundation helps children who are at risk of social exclusion: it provides food, education, sports.”

Then we have the ‘Màs que tenis’ project, twenty schools in Spain for children with disabilities. And we work in India, to teach children English and computer science.” Rafael concluded.

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