“I Want To Feel Super Good”- Serena Williams Eyes An Amazing Comeback


Serena Williams is celebrating her victory

American Tennis Great Serena Williams has marked several records in the women’s tennis world. As a consequence of her determination, hard word, and execution. During these unprecedented times, She opens up her diet plans for herself to be fit and healthy. Notably, Serena resumed her tennis court practice sessions after a long while. 

 “Everyone has been struggling with this whole thing, and I see all the names online that talk about, like quarantine, how everyone is getting a little thicker but I took out this time to take and cleanse my body.”

“So I’ve been doing these things 30 days since quarantining started. So I’ve been doing these things for 30 days and I would like to take two days off. And now I’m doing another cleanse for 60 days.”

“Excuse me so these 60 days are intense. I’m doing another one to 60 days. And they’re intense but I just eat healthily. I cut off eating. I do intermittent fasting. And I eat- I try to eat healthily.” 

“You Could Cook For Yourself”- Former World No.01 Serena Williams

One of the hardest athletes in the world Serena feels that this is a really good time to take care of yourself. It’s an opportunity for everyone to spend a long time with their family. And also Serena Williams said on Yahoo reset on your mindset, if you want to have a healthy lifestyle, you can try to make food for yourself. 

“And You Know, it’s so fun and I’m like I want a drink in quarantine, too but I also want to be healthy when I go back out and play tennis, I want to feel super good and this is very rare do I as a tennis player have time to take care of me.” 

Serena Williams is celebrating her victory

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“ So I thought this is a really good time to just take care of me. And other people should think about it that way too because this is like you never get to spend as much as time at home. And you could cook for yourself. It’s like a lot of stuff that you can control what’s going into your body.”  Serena Williams added.


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