“I Think It Will Be Serena Williams” Gabriela Sabatini Picks Up From The Current Generation Player To Compete


One of the charismatic tennis players of the 90s, Gabriela Sabatini feels that in the current generation players she would be happy with playing against Serena Williams. Most of us didn’t know that she quit professional tennis at the age of 26. Till today Sabatini fans have been discussing her decision to quit tennis at a young age.

Sabatini recently interviewed by the Times of India, She answered several questions from the Interviewer. In response to one of the questions “If you were to pick one player from the current generation to play against, who would it be?

1990 US Open champion replied, “I think it will be Serena Williams for a successful career and for what she represents in the history of tennis, for all her qualities and to feel that power. It will also be nice to play with Roger Federer in Wimbledon and with Rafael Nadal in Roland Garros.” Moreover, Gabriela Sabatini retired from professional tennis in 1996 at the age of 26. In her 13 years of professional career, Sabatini won 27 titles.

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In 1990 Sabatini defeated Steffi Graff in the US Open and won her first and last major title. And Sabatini and Steffi Graff pair won the women’s doubles Grand Slam title in 1988 Wimbledon.

To Keep Trying Always, Never Give Up Says, Gabriela Sabatini

Argentina tennis sensation Gabriela Sabatini began to play tennis at the age of 6 and turned professional at the age of 14. She didn’t feel that her retirement at a young age was a highly debating matter. “Now looking back 26 years old is a very young age to retire. But at that moment it didn’t feel that way at all. Sports demands and the full dedication were quite intense and after all those years, I started to feel mentally exhausted” said the 1988 Seoul Olympic Games silver medalist.

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“To keep trying always, never give up. If you train hard and set your mind to achieve a goal, I believe that sooner or later you will accomplish it”, said Sabatini who won a major title after failing in 20 Grand Slam attempts.


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