“I See It As A Real Challenge”- Bianca Andreescu’s Coach On Defending Title At US Open 2020


Bianca and her coach

Canadian Tennis Star Bianca Andreescu won her maiden Grand Slam at the 2019 US Open. Consequently, She created a lot of records in Canadian and US Open tennis history. However, Bianca Andreescu’s current coach Sylvain Bruneau admitted the defending title at Flushing Meadow as a real challenge.

In an interview with TSN, coach Sylvain Bruneau answered several questions about World Number six Bianca Andreescu.

Andreescu’s chances of defending the title She won last year at Flushing Meadows:

“I see it as a real challenge. She has to be ready to try to defend the crown she won last year. Bianca and I have talked about this in recent days and the key to all this is adapting to these new circumstances. Tennis When he comes back it will be totally different from the tennis we met a few months ago and that for any tennis player will be different. We have to work on that aspect.”

Andreescu’s current physical condition after many months away from the slopes:

Bianca and her coach

“To be honest, we are very happy with how the injury has evolved in recent weeks and is already recovered. Bianca has not played a tennis match since October, so she has missed being able to compete a lot. We were very concerned and sad to see that there were some changes that there would be no more tennis this season. Finally, there will be and that has made us very happy.”

“Bianca Is A Novice In This”- Andresscu Coach

According to the tennis governing bodies report, tennis tournaments will begin in behind the screens in August. Bianca’s coach said, playing in an empty stadium will be difficult for tennis players. 

Andreescu also came out of a small bump last year:

“Last year, Bianca missed almost the entire dirt and grass tour with a shoulder injury and returned to Toronto with a spectacular result. It is reassuring to know that in a somewhat similar situation, she knew how to handle herself perfectly. She is a girl with a lot of confidence and I am sure she will get back to a great level.”

The return of Andreescu will be different for the times we are in:


“The energy is going to be totally different. We are in post-pandemic time and in the vast majority of tournaments, we will not have spectators. It is not easy for any tennis player to return and have to defend a title for the first time. Yes, other tennis players like Nadal, Federer or Serena, but Bianca is a novice in this. We will have to prepare for that, but the situation will be different and that will generate less pressure than usual.”

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