“I miss Wimbledon’s Centre Court, where the excitement still continues to hit on me.”- Sasha Slater


The Head of Magazines for the Telegraph Sasha Slater shares how love for tennis grew for her as no less than an Addiction.


For Sasha Slater, the love for Wimbledon and tennis as a sport started long ago when she was pretty young. The famous writer usually had spent her the lazy summers watching tennis matches on television along with her family.

Since then Wimbledon had been an inseparable part of her life. Although she does not belong to a family of typical sports lovers yet she remembers how they all stayed glued to the screen while gamers won their applause.

Sasha mentions that she and her family were probably not that much into any other sport but for them, tennis was an exceptional game. They didn’t even talk about the former English footballer Kevin Keegan and his particular permed hairstyle but they were well-familiar with Swedish number one tennis player Bjorn Borg’s beard that kept growing till he made into the finals every year.

The great author also shared how they enjoyed the sudden outburst of rage by the American racket-game player John McEnroe in the court. With time tennis turned out to be the love of her life and Wimbledon her hall of fame.

Sasha Slater

Slater shared that her newfound love for tennis often took her to All England Club where she loved to roam around with two of her friends at the age of 11.

Sasha Slater had to pay a little money back then to enter the ground

As they used to drop in there by around 5 in the evening they were exempted from the long queues. They generally caught glimpses of Jo Durie, the former British tennis star dressed in all white carrying big sports bags. 

As Sasha grew up her favorite sport tennis got a makeover too. Of late she started admiring all young tennis players like Roger Federer who certainly took the game to new heights.

Slater explains that in the outset there was nothing lavish about being in love with tennis but the modern era has undoubtedly changed things for everyone where the sports are gaining a lot of glamour and money.

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However, she holds the view that Wimbledon or the center court has its own charisma in tennis that would stay immortal for more generations to come.


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