“I Might Not Go” – Alexander Zverev Still Not Sure Of Playing US Open 2020


While the US Open is to start on August 31, players are still unsure about playing the tournament. Alexander Zverev, the current world number seven is one of these players. While the tournament is beginning amid the pandemic, the uncertainty remains due to health issues.

The German tennis player additionally participated at the Ultimate Tennis Showdown. Moreover, he also was able to win three matches there. However, he is still unsure of traveling to New York for the Flushing Meadows Grand Slam event. In a conversation with Tennis Majors, he said, “I will see because the situation right now in the US is not that great. So I don’t know what we will decide with my team.”

In addition to this, he also shared, “I want to play the different tournaments.” Furthermore, he also added, “I think the US right now is a little bit of a funny place.”

“They Are In More Danger Than I am”-Alexander Zverev

Besides, the United States is still seeing a large number of cases of coronavirus. Additionally, the country has already recorded 4.8 million cases until now. While the number of deaths till now is more than 1,50,000. 

Furthermore, the 23-year-old is still waiting for some time before coming to a final decision on playing. He said, “I think I will just see how it develops over the next few weeks. It will depend on the number of cases, how traveling will be, and if it will be safe.”

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Moreover, Zverev also added, “I might not go there if I don’t feel safe or my team doesn’t feel safe. I am still quite young. But everybody that is involved with me maybe is a little bit older. And they are in more danger than I am.”


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