“I Literally Can’t Do That Again”- Serena Williams


Nowadays Serena Williams is playing a grand slam match it has been a nail-biting moment for a spectator. The whole tennis world keeps an eye on Williams’s record-equaling grand slam title. She had played eight major tournaments including four finals for a unique achievement even though she did not claim.

For the 24th Grand Slam race, Serena Williams just missed a chance at the Championships and the Flushing Meadows in 2019. Tennis fans believed that Serena would make it to 2020 Australian Open but she exited earlier too. After losing to Wang Qiang in the third round, Serena admitted her faults during the tight match. 

“Yeah She served well you know I didn’t return like Serena and so honestly it was just if we were just honest with ourselves that’s all I put my shoulders I lost that match you know so it is what it is and like I said It’s not about this tournament is just like I can’t play like that like I literally can’t do that again. That’s professional and it’s not cool.” 

“I don’t play just to have fun” – Serena Williams 

Serena Williams said that I didn’t do that today but she believes in winning the 24th Grand Slam of her career. The 38-year-old remains one title short of Margaret Court’s record of 24 Majors. Although, the fans are expecting a typical performance from Serena Williams. 

“I definitely do believe or I wouldn’t be on tour. I don’t play just to have fun. To lose is really not fun, to play to lose, personally. I don’t know. I seem to do well in the last two slams of the year. And I have won them all several times.

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Each one is definitely an opportunity for me to go out there and win. It’s not even about the slams, it’s about just me playing good tennis, and I didn’t do that today. That is more disappointing. So it’s not even about the win, it’s just more about I’m better than that. That is what it is for me today.” Serena Williams said at the 2020 Australian Open press conference. 


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