“I Have Not Been Happier Being Number 1 Than Number 2 or Number 3”: Rafael Nadal


Rafael Nadal

Rafael Nadal had one of the closest interviews with Bertin Osborne. Additionally, he allowed Bertin to enter his Academy. When interviewed in ‘My House Is Yours’, the Spanish legend revealed many things that are news for the tennis world. 

The current world number two shared many things from his tennis life and life beyond the court as well. From mentioning the 2005 injury, winning the 2020 Roland Garros to talking about various rumours about himself, the former world number one did not shy away from sharing.

Rafael Nadal

Moreover, the 20-times Grand Slam winner also talked about being the number one in the world. Nadal was last crowned the number one in 2018. Talking about the experience of being at number one, Nadal said, “I have not been happier being number one than number two or number three. I am happy about being competitive. And knowing that I can beat others.”

Besides, Nadal said that playing tennis for some fun is a very relative term. And that the Spaniard likes to play competitive tennis. He added that for him, fun is when he is feeling physically well. Nadal shared, “It is a feeling. It is hard to say that you are having fun.” Besides, he added, “It is something you feel.”

“Have More Fun Training Now Than 11 Years Ago”- Rafael Nadal

Talking about his feeling for the game, Nadal said, “After all, playing tennis is my job. I have a good time.”

Rafael Nadal

Additionally, Nadal also shared that he has grown in the last many years. And he revealed that he finds it more fun to train now, than 11 years ago. “I do not put myself under the daily pressure of having to do everything perfectly every day”, Nadal added.

Besides, Nadal also talked about his injury in the year 2005. And he shared how there were doubts if he would be able to play again or not.

Currently, Nadal after winning the title at the Roland Garros is playing in the Paris Masters 1000. And by winning it, he would like to add another title to his name.

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