“I Have Never Wanted To Be Older”: Rafael Nadal Takes A Trip Down Memory Lane and Recalls His Childhood


Rafael Nadal

After winning his 13th Grand Slam at Roland Garros, Rafael Nadal is now busy in many interviews. Additionally, the 20 times Grand Slam winner has had some fun conversations with various programs recently.

Currently, Nadal was seen in a fun session with the “La Resistencia”, where he talked about tennis and his life outside the court. Besides, the 34-years old shared the excitement of winning the French Open. Moreover, he also said that this moment was crazy.

Rafael Nadal

However, Nadal also knows that time waits for none and years just go by. In the conversation, Nadal said, “The years go by. The years go by for Djokovic, for Federer and me as well.”

“I Even Remember The Landline at Some Friend’ House”: Rafael Nadal

It has been years since Nadal is considered one of the best on the tennis court. Additionally, Nadal also holds various records to his name. However, the 34-year old did never wish to grow old.

The Spaniard shared that while many wanted to turn 18, he never wanted to grow old. He added, “I have never wanted to be older. Some people would like to turn 18, not me. When I was 6, it was perfect. When I was 10, It was perfect.” Besides, he also remembered his childhood days while talking in the program.

Rafael Nadal

Additionally, the Spaniard had a perfect childhood, and he would go out fishing in the Mediterranean Sea. Moreover, he was always around his friends. Nadal added, “This is an island. And we used to spend a lot of time on the streets.”

Besides, Nadal shared how he would finish school and train tennis. And after that, he would go out to meet his close friends. He added, “Without cell phones, on the street, on the beach, we would spend our time there until 9 at night.” Additionally, it can also be said that Nadal has a good memory. He said, “I even remember the landline at some friend’ house.”

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