“I Deserve To Be Where I am Today”- Victoria Azarenka After Winning a Title at Western and Southern Open 2020


 Victoria Azarenka

Former world number Victoria Azarenka finally seems to be getting the rhythm of her game back. She won her first WTA singles title since winning a title at the Miami Open in March 2016.

“I think it’s unfortunate because I was actually really looking forward to competing against Naomi,”, the Belarusian told the press.“ It would have been an amazing opportunity to face her level, and she’s been playing really great.  I lost to her the last time that we played, so I was really looking forward to that.” She added.

 Victoria Azarenka

Azarenka also mentioned, “And playing the final is always really special… I just have to accept what it is. I would have loved to have played, but, you know, I played five really good matches this week, and I think I deserve to be where I am today.”

The 31-year-old is a two-time Australian Open champion and reached another pair of Grand Slam final at the US Open and the semis at the French Open and Wimbledon.

Victoria Azarenka said, “I’m excited to go out there and play. My confidence level, I don’t think it changed just based on the result that I won here. I felt pretty confident in the work that I have been doing.”

But unfortunately, she has struggled to get back into her best form after she returned from having her first child in 2017. She has also been having custody issues and injuries because of which she has been on and off tour.

 Victoria Azarenka

Two-times Australian Open title winner Victoria Azarenka did say, “So the result is just confirmation that what I have been doing is right, but going on the court, I have been pretty confident in my abilities. It’s just putting those things together now. It shows that it’s the right work that I have been doing.”

The two-time Grand slam champion also talked about the absence of fans in the stadium and said how it would feel so empty without them. 

She explained, “(This achievement) is pretty significant. It’s my first title as a mom. I haven’t even thought about it. So that makes it special. That part is special to me.”

Victoria Azarenka explained how she used to feed off of the energy in the stadium, the cheering, and the whole atmosphere. She used that energy to motivate herself and perform even better.

she said “You know, I work hard to win matches, but I’m so much enjoying the process of playing and the battling that winning is like, I guess, the bonus, you know? Winning a tournament is a bonus.”

“I enjoy playing. Like, I had so much fun practicing today that I kind of want to go out and play more. It’s just a different feeling for me, being on the court right now.”, the only Belarusian female player to win a Grand Slam singles title said.

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But the absence of the crowd does not seem to disturb her too much as she has performed at her best. It is amazing to see her get back to the top and won the title!


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