“I Can’t Hear This Anymore” – Serena Williams Loves To Hear From Her Daughter


Serena Williams and her daughter Olympia Ohanian

Former World Number One Serena Williams has not played tennis tours after the Australian Open. Consecutively, the coronavirus has forced the American to follow the self-distancing. However, Serena is spending her valuable time with her family. Especially her two-year-old daughter Olympia Ohanian and husband Alexis Ohanian. Recently, Williams reveals that she loves to hear a word from her daughter. 

“I started quarantine a little bit earlier, so I was in the house for a long time and then I was like, Ok I’m with two-year-old who’s amazing, but it’s a lot of work every single day. And then she was in this phase where every word was mommy and I loved it. But at the same time, I’m like I can’t hear this anymore I can’t hear mommy, mommy. It was challenging but we overcome it. And now we’re in our cinderella robes” Serena Williams said on the Yahoo reset your mindset. 

“I Was Like I’m Kind Of In Love With This Staying At HomeLife.”- Serena

At the beginning of the COVID-19 quarantine, people across the world worried and bored. At this moment, they have accepts and loves it the same as Serena Williams. She stated that the break helps me to concentrate on my business and other essential things. 

Serena Williams is dancing with her daughter Olympia Ohanian

“ I feel like I almost get to be normal and that as weird as it sounds, It’s like amazing, and l love it.I’ve been kind of just enjoying every second that I get at home. And you know I haven’t gotten tired, or I haven’t, in the beginning, It was hard in the beginning. But once I got over that, I was like I’m kind of in love with this staying at home life. Obviously, I’m rooting for businesses, which would include mine, to be able to come back But it’s good to just kind of take a break and just really focus on the really important things.” Serena Williams concluded. 

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