“I Am Still Very Motivated For The 3rd Grand Slam”- Simona Halep On Her Retirement


Simona Halep is showcasing her the Wimbldon title

World Number Two Simona Halep announces when she will retire from tennis tours. Two-times Grand Slam Winner still eager to win one more major title before her boarding house. Romanian says no one can stop me from achieving what I want and dream. 

Simona Halep was born in Constanta on 27th September 1991 and she turned pro in 2006. The 28-years-old Simona has won 20 WTA singles titles in her career. Especially, She triumphed two Grand Slam titles in 2018 Roland Garros and 2019 the championships. Halep spent 64 weeks in first place in the WTA rankings. 

“I also thought about being honestly retired, I still feel that I can and can do more. Nothing prevents me from dreaming, I am still very motivated for the 3rd Grand Slam ” said Simona Halep

Simona Halep is kissing her Roland Garros title

“I am motivated to see how long I can be in the top 10 because when I get out of the top 10 WTA, I think I will shoot on the right.!”

“I can’t stand to like tennis at 5-5”- Simona Halep Said to Her Father

Father of the Former World Number One Stere Halep is a soccer player at his young age. He played for the Romanian professional football club Săgeata Stejaru which founded in 1960.

Stere Halep is interested in supporting his children’s sports ventures. As a reason, he did not succeed in a football career due to a lack of money. Simona’s father said on occasion, My daughter is five years old I dreamed she would be the best in the world.

Simona Halep with her father Stere Halep

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I say I’m about 2-3 years old when I can play. My father always says to me: ‘Why are you still emotional, you should like tennis now!’

I replied: ‘I can’t stand to like tennis at 5-5 in the decisive and not break the racket! (no. laughs) ‘. That’s what I told him once “, Simona Halep Concluded in the BT Talks podcast.

Although, Stere Halep waved the green flag for Simona Halep to marry her lover Toni Luruc with several conditions.


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