“I am Looking Forward To Joining Her”-Venus Williams Eager To Play With Serena Williams


Venus Williams and Serena Williams

American tennis star Venus Williams shared a Q & A video with all her fans on her Youtube channel. She talked about returning to the beautiful game. Besides, the tennis ace has not participated in any game since February. Additionally, she also brought into news the canceling of Wimbledon.

Five-time Wimbledon Champion Venus answered all the questions from her fans. When asked about the presence of the crowd in the upcoming games, she disclosed her stand. The former world number one believes that it is scary to have fans to witness the game as of now. She also added that the same could be dangerous given the situation of the pandemic of COVID-19. Besides, the Seven-time grand slam winner thinks of the game as a regular job or a business. 

Venus Williams and Serena Williams

Additionally, the elder Williams is keen to return to the court. Hence, she doesn’t mind playing the game behind closed doors.

“ I Can’t-Wait To Play Doubles With Serena”- Venus Williams

Besides, Venus also plays doubles with her sister, Serena Williams. When one of the fans questioned her about her opponent she is looking forward to playing against.

Venus Williams replied, Which opponent am I excited to play? Hmm… I can’t wait to play doubles with Serena. We just have had a blast at the doubles court. We have got a lot of success. I noticed that the thing I missed the most is playing doubles. I am looking forward to joining her on the doubles court and I just don’t care whom I play against. Who’s across the net, as long as there’s a net and there’s a match. Right?”

Venus Williams and Serena Williams

Moreover, Venus Williams is also the former number one rank holder in doubles tennis. The American seems to be happy as well as nostalgic as she will play beside her younger sister in the upcoming tournaments.

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Venus Williams is also looking forward to playing in the US Open. The tournament has expected to begin on August 31. Although Venus is also scared of the pandemic, she believes that things will improve. Henceforth, even the crowd may get to witness the tournament.


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