“I am Calm and Soft”: Nick Kyrgios Responds To His ‘Bad Boy’ Image


Nick Kyrgios

Nick Kyrgios is a professional tennis player, but unfortunately, is not only recognized for that. Kyrgios, more often than not, is talked about for his aggressive attitude and furious nature. While talking to TV show Reputation Rehab, the Australian tennis player spoke about his attitude to reputation.

Nick explained that the reason behind his frustration and why he starts to swear during games. According to him, losing in tough matches and everything going south triggers his frustration on court. Moreover, the cameras and microphones add to the chaos and pressure. 

Nick Kyrgios

“When everything is bad in a match, I start to swear and get angry. If I’m in a tough battle and I’m losing, I tend to swear a lot. You’re out there on your own. The camera’s always on that one person. There are microphones everywhere.”, he said.

“Tennis Is A Sh*t Sport”: Nick Kyrgios

Australian also talked about his motive and goal to achieve becoming a professional tennis star. He loves the fact that so many young kids look up to him and see him as a role model. 

Kyrgios wishes to take up that responsibility and give back to them too. He aims to do something that helps the sport of tennis. But the Australian also admitted that the game does get a little maddening at times.

“I love what I can get out of the sport. A lot of young kids look up to me now, and I can give back, but at times tennis is a sh*t sport. It’s so frustrating.”, Nick said.

Nick Kyrgios

The 25 years old also revealed what many might not have known about him. He identifies himself as a very calm and soft person off the court and does not like getting angry unnecessarily. 

He believes he is a very mellow person; otherwise, the pressure of the game just gets to him on the court. “That is the player I am. But outside the court, everything is different – I am calm and soft. I do not like to scandal, but I get started on the court – it’s a sport.”, the Australian concluded.

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