“He’s Very Open And Aware,”- Former Coach Reveals Roger Federer’s Secrets To Long Term Career Success


Roger Federer

Swiss maestro Roger Federer has been playing professional tennis since 1998. In the meantime, he has won 20 majors and numerous titles in ATP tours. Nevertheless, the former coach opened up about Federer’s game plan and his love for tennis.

The Former American tennis player Paul Annacone has coached Roger Federer from 2010 to 2013. Moreover, Former World No.01 won several Grand Slam titles and ATP tour finals under the Paul coaching period.

In the recent YouTube live interview with Tennis Haus Online Tips, the Famous coach spoke a lot of interesting matters about Federer and his preparation for tennis tours. 

Additionally, Former coach said, I would say why what’s the purpose but the thing about roger which I found really interesting is that as soon as you explain it to him and he understands how it plugs into his game he’s like okay let’s go do it he doesn’t he’s very open and aware.”

Roger Federer

He also talked about Federer’s  secrets to long term career success, “I gotta say roger was amazing at it and that’s why he’s still playing at almost 39 years of age is because he loves he’s always trying to think of new ways to play better he’s always trying to think of ways to improve his skillset and understand”

Paul Annacone On Federer’s Prematch Preparation

Players want to be physically and mentally fit before every single match in tennis. Let see here former coach what is saying about Federer’s prematch preparation.

He said, It’s all they’re all different is this roger doing anything, in particular, well he has his routines I mean he generally does when I was with him we usually the night before would have a brief talk five minutes to ten minutes about what tomorrow’s match looked like just strategy-wise just so we had just to make sure we were on the same page and then the day of the match. 

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“We’d do him he’d wake up he’d do his treatment then he’d do his warm-up on the court hitting some balls and usually between warm-up and when he played after the warm-up, he’ll have his meal and then usually between warm-up.” American Coach Paul Annacone concluded.


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