“He’s Super Determined”- Coach Jamie Delgado Confident About Andy Murray’s Comeback!


Andy Murray

Andy Murray, one of the Top players of the male tennis fraternity, recently had a rough patch in his career. Despite that, the Briton is keeping up his spirits and training to get back on the court. 

Jamie Delgado who has been Murray’s coach since 2016 has been with him through all his hard times. According to him Murray’s time to compete with the top-class players is not over yet.

“He’s still motivated, of course, he is – he’s super determined, absolutely and that’s the goal, no doubt, to get back competing against the best players again. And his team feels exactly the same way – that’s what we’re working hard towards, and he works so hard with all his gym work and rehab work that he does.”, the 43-year-old said.

Jamie Delgado and Andy Murray

“At the end of last year, he finished off the year really well by winning in Antwerp. So that was great and then this year – for different reasons – we haven’t been able to get the tournaments in.”, he added referring to the suspension of events due to the lockdown.

Jamie also said, “Hopefully we can get back out there, and we’re just looking forward to just getting out there and competing.”

“He wants to be out there competing against the best players in the world”- Jamie Delgado

The three-time Grand Slam champion had an amazing season in 2016 when he reached the world No.1 in the ATP ranking. But, unfortunately, saw a downfall, when he had to undergo two surgeries in 2018 and 2019 due to a long-term hip injury that he was suffering from. 

“It’s been frustrating – it’s lingered for a while but at the end of the day he wants to be out there competing against the best players in the world and doing what he loves.”, the British tennis coach said.

The two-time Olympic champion talked about his potential retirement in 2019 at the Australian Open. Amidst which he had to back out due to his severe hip pain and undergo surgery for the second time.

Even though he is showing signs of getting back up on the ranking table since then, Delgado regrets the fact that the former world No.01 could have won more at the high point in his career.

Jamie Delgado and Andy Murray

“He was obviously No.1 in the world at the time, so do I think he would have won more since he’s been injured? Yes, but obviously we don’t know for sure, do we? It’s tough to say (what would have happened without the injuries). A year before he got the injury he’d won Wimbledon and the Olympics in 2016 and became the world No.1. So he would have been in the running for them (Grand Slams), for sure.” Murray’s coach concluded.

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Nevertheless, the tennis star is working hard to get back into form and is currently preparing for the upcoming US Open.


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