“He Was Awfully Tough”: Lleyton Hewitt on Playing Big Matches With Roger Federer


Lleyton Hewitt and Roger Federer

The semi-retired Australian, Lleyton Hewitt, has had many opportunities to play against the legend Roger Federer. They have played 27 matches as opponents, and Federer for sure has dominated the figures, leading by 18-9.

Their rivalry was more interesting, considering that they both faced each other in their peak years. But still, Hewitt’s performances weren’t enough to get the better of Federer. 

Lleyton was recently nominated for the International Tennis Hall of Fame’s Class of 2021. While talking to Forbes, he spoke about his most challenging opponent until now. It did not take much time for the two-time grand slam champion to name Federer as his most indestructible opponent. 

Roger Federer

“I got to play players across different generations, you could say,” Hewitt said. “Obviously, Roger Federer was one of the toughest players (when) at his best. I was probably at my best at the time he was at his best, and he was awfully tough to play in big matches.”, the Australian added. 

“Probably One Of The Brutally Toughest Single Matches”: Lleyton Hewitt on Rafael Nadal

Even though both Hewitt and Federer were both in their best form in roughly the same period (2003-2005), Hewitt could not attain victory at the grand slams.

They played five slam matches in these three years, Roger winning all of them. After the Australian’s decline, they both met three more times to get the same outcome in all the three games. 

Rafael Nadal

Apart from Federer, Hewitt also named Rafael Nadal as one of the most challenging opponents on clay. They have met at the French Open four times, with Nadal winning on all four occasions.

 “Rafael Nadal, on clay at the French Open, is probably one of the brutally toughest single matches you can come up against. I played him three or four times there. There’s a reason why he’s won 12 of them.”, said Hewitt on Nadal’s dominance on the clay.

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