“He Needs To Be a Fiery Player”: Jim Courier Sends Advice to Novak Djokovic About On-Court Emotions



The world number one Novak Djokovic has recently gone through some unexpected and unfortunate situations. The Serb was shockingly disqualified from the US open 2020 after hitting a female line judge directly in the throat out of frustration. He did receive some criticism for the same. 

In respect of this event, Jim Courier, the veteran tennis star, has some advice for Djokovic. The former number one urges the Serb to let the fire within him burn and not contain his emotions.

According to him, Novak has tried controlling his emotions on court before and has failed miserably. He, therefore, wants him to play with the fierce attitude that has arguably got him this far.


“If Novak [is a] zombie out there, which we saw for a couple of years where he tried to mute his emotions, and that wasn’t him, it’s not in his DNA,” Courier told the Tennis Channel. 

“He needs to be a fiery player, an emotional player for better or worse on the court. That’s when he plays his best tennis. That’s who he is.”, the four-time grand slam champion said.

“He(Djokovic) Hopes More Than Anyone He Won’t Have an Incident Like This”- Jim Courier

Jim clarified himself by saying that he did not wish for such an event to happen again, but was still firm on his opinion. According to him, Djokovic will not play as he does by containing his emotions and therefore has to be fiery!


“Obviously we hope and he hopes more than anyone he won’t have an incident like this the rest of his career. He can’t go into a shell if he wants to be the same player he is. He has to be fiery. He was this week in Rome and it worked out for him.”, the American said.

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Courier also went to rate the Serb’s performance at the Italian Open and appreciated his fierce attitude.


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