“He Is Not Afraid Of Anything”: Gilles Simon On Mental Health Of Roger Federer


Roger Federer

Gilles Simon recently came out with his book this Wednesday, this sport that drives you crazy. Gilles touches upon several things throughout the book, and in the end, he tackles the subject of the mind. According to him, this mental aspect of the game does not get enough attention in France while training. 

After the French started to research for his book, he learned the fundamentals of this work. It also led to him recognizing who was working on this subject of the mental game. He identifies the face as one of the best indicators of the player’s mental state of mind.  

“The face is thus an excellent indicator. When I started to work specifically on the mental aspect, I immediately understood who was working it and who not.”, He said.

Novak Djokovic

Simon finds Novak Djokovic as one of those who work on it and does not hide it. He closely analyzed the Serbian’s moves and shots and especially his returns before saying this. Gilles believes the 33 years old put himself in a specific state as if doing some hypnosis.  

Novak works, and he’s one of those who don’t hide it. It is obvious with him, just in his position before each point, especially on the return, when he is firmly planted on his two feet, we see him doing his thing with his eyes, there you see that he is doing a kind of ‘hypnosis, he puts himself in a certain state.”, says the 35-year-old.

“Federer, One Who Is The Hardest To Read”: Gilles Simon

However, on the other hand, Simon does not feel the same about Federer. According to him, Federer is one of the hardest people to read and analyze. He explains Roger as someone who doesn’t show any emotion on the court and makes it look easy. He is the only one who can make 20 grand slam titles look so effortless. 

Roger Federer

Simon explained, “Federer, we do not see. It is the one who is the hardest to read. Him, he gives you the impression that everything is rolling, all the time, that gives credence to the idea that it is innate for him, that he is not afraid of anything.

He really gives the impression of validating that, namely: “I come, I have my intentions for the game, I have no emotions, I go there, I go there all the time even in the moments. Important, and I won twenty Grand Slam titles like that.”, The former no.6 concluded.

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