“He Is An Inspiration To A Whole New Group Of People”: Tim Henman Comes In Support of Andy Murray after a Wildcard Criticism


Andy Murray

The British professional, Andy Murray, was recently given a wildcard into the main draw of the French Open 2020 when he was ranked 111 in the world. This decision stirred up many talks and opinions, positive and negative, from many people. 

One of them was the former no.1, Mats Wilander, who came in with strong criticisms against the Briton. The seven-time slam winner condemned the wildcard after his unfortunate loss in the first round of the French Open. According to him, Murray was selfish in accepting the wildcard. 

Tim Henman

Nevertheless, criticism was not all that Murray received. The fellow Briton, Tim Henman, had his back and supported the decision of his wildcard. The 46-year-old is working for Eurosport throughout the tournament was asked about his opinion on Wilander’s comment.

“Andy Has Been Incredibly Honest With Himself”: Tim Henman 

Henman had a very different view on this and said that Murray had earned all his right for the wildcard. Looking at his career and all the credentials that the 33-year-old has achieved, denying him a chance for a comeback would not be fair. 

“I very much think he has earned the right for wildcards.”, Tim said. “We all know the credentials for his career. Coming back to play professional tennis with a metal hip, he is an inspiration to a whole new group of people. I totally support that.”

“I also think that Andy has been incredibly honest with himself and is probably his own harshest critic, so he’ll know when the time is right, and he wouldn’t want to be there making up the numbers. He wants to be there competing and winning more big matches.”, he added. 

Henman also pointed out how playing after going through such a prolonged injury is an inspiration in itself. Murray had to undergo a major hip injury and pulled himself out of a dark phase in his life. It reflects his passion for the sport and his level of determination. 

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