“He Celebrated My Mistakes”: Diego Schwartzman Reveals He Stopped Talking To Daniil Medvedev


Diego Schwartzman

Diego Schwartzman has had a rough season so far. The 29-year-old Argentine Player is all set to make his debut in the world top 10 this month. Earlier, Daniil Medvedev and Diego Schwartzman had a rough spot during the quarterfinal of ATP Cup 2020. It’s been ten months to the spit between the top two players, but they’re still not on talking terms.

Moreover, the rift turned violent, and the Argentine player ended up calling Daniil disrespectful in all sorts. However, Diego is a famous player among his teammates and is loved by all when it comes to tennis.

“I’m Not Training With Him Anymore”: Diego Schwartzman

Daniil Medvedev

In a recent interview with ESPN, Diego revealed that he’s still not on talking terms with Medvedev because of his actions in ATP Cup 2020. He admits that Medvedev is probably the only player with whom he (Diego) does not talk.

“I stopped talking to Medvedev. I don’t greet you anymore. I had a good relationship with him. There are times in competition when things happen, and then you apologize. The blood goes up to your head, but whoever did what he did to me… is recorded. I don’t train with him anymore, and I don’t talk to him.” Diego told ESPN.

Diego Schwartzman

However, he also spoke that he never really apologized to him, which lacks Medvedev’s sportsmanship. Additionally, not being apologetic for his actions is something that Diego didn’t like about Medvedev.

“He celebrated my mistakes and my double faults in my face and towards the Argentine bank. It is the equivalent of scoring a goal in football and going to a party with your opponents. Did not like it. Safin, the Russian captain, apologized and told me he was crazy.” the Argentine player concluded.

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