“Have Fuel In My Legs and Love and Desire Towards the Sport”: Novak Djokovic Confident In Himself After French Open Loss


Novak Djokovic

After losing the French Open finals in straight sets, just after being eliminated from the US Open, many would have expected Novak Djokovic to get destabilized and demotivated. People even went on to question his career tenure and hinting towards his retirement from the sport. 

But the Serb is confident of his form, fitness, and mental state and is ready to take on new challenges. Novak Djokovic does not feel his time of retirement has come and wishes to play until his body allows. 

“If I thought it was too late, I would have ended my career today.”, he said “But I do not think it is too late. I will keep ongoing as long as I have fuel in my legs and love and desire towards the sport. One defeat, even though it is a Grand Slam final, cannot destabilize me. I have developed a rather thick skin. I do not allow myself to be disturbed by various speculations.”, Djokovic added.

Novak Djokovic

With this win, Rafael Nadal bagged is 13th Rolland Garros title and also went on to equal Roger Federer by winning his 20th grand slam singles title. The world number one addressed how the big three have been talked into their retirement several times, but they keep coming back. With this, he also hinted towards making a comeback himself. 

“We Are The Best In The World”: Novak Djokovic

The 33-year-old will be back at the ATP tournament in Vienna in a couple of weeks, but Nadal might not play again this season. 

“Myself and Nadal – and especially Federer – we’ve been written off many times, people were sending us into retirement, but we keep coming back and proving that we are the best in the world despite all the pressure.”, Djokovic told the Serbian media. 

Novak Djokovic

Novak Djokovic is currently in his 290th week of being at the number one  ATP ranking. He is only 20 short of Federer’s record. With the adoption of the new ranking system because of coronavirus, players would not lose points. This makes him very likely to set a new mark in 2021. 

“My desire is still huge. I love and enjoy this game. My professional goals stay the same – historic number one ranking and Grand Slam titles. If I achieve the former, which I hope to do next year, my focus will turn even more to Grand Slam tournaments in terms of approach, energy, and schedule.”, The 17-time grand slam champion said.

Djokovic is confident and continues to chase the titles and give his best at every performance.

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