“Hasty Decisions”: Patrick Mouratoglou Explains Why Novak Djokovic Loss to Rafael Nadal at French Open 2020


On Sunday, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic competed for the much-awaited title at the French Open 2020. In the end, Rafael defeated Djokovic and took the title to his home. It was indeed a very spine chilling match, and everyone expected it to last a bit longer. From start to finish, Rafa dominated the match and won by 6-0, 6-2, 7-5.

For Nadal, it was an easy swing win, which many experts think was a little surprising as people were expecting a lot from Djokovic because of his previous performances. In a video conference with the media, the French Coach Patrick Mouratoglou opened about Rafa and Djokovic’s performance during the final.

“Rafa played his game, and that’s a very good thing about him because he never disappoints; win or lose, he’s always there. He always starts solid, he always plays his game, and if the game needs him to raise the level, he raises the level.” French Coach said.

“He Seemed Like He Just Wanted To Win”: Patrick Mouratoglou 

After which, he also explained about what must have gone wrong he said, “And that is exactly what Djokovic did not do. From the beginning of the game, we could see that something was not right because Novak was looking to cut the points, with drops, with hasty decisions. He seemed like he just wanted to win.”

Patrick Mouratoglou

He seemed disappointed in Novak about how he got defeated after winning endless matches in the same tournament. His main observation from the match was mainly upon how he was running after only winning the match, during which he didn’t focus properly.

Serena William’s coach continued to share how he felt during the final of Australia 2019 after watching Djokovic play.

Frenchman says, “He(Djokovic)’s going to destroy Nadal’. He had another attitude, he was upright, and you could feel his confidence. He entered the court, ready to destroy. When he comes out like this, for me, it is the best of all. And in this final, he was not Djokovic. He is not the one we know. He did not enter with the best mentality.”

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