“Has Earned The Right To Play”: Tennis Legend Backs Andy Murray After Wilander Comments


Andy Murray

Andy Murray is having what can be called a tough time on the court, with the former world number one using wild cards to enter into a few Grand Slam events. Additionally, many people, including Mats Wilander believe that Murray should not be accepting these cards. Besides, saying that he should pass these to the young players.

Additionally, Wilander after the Paris Grand Slam felt that the British should give more opportunities to the youngsters. Murray was defeated in the early rounds of the Grand Slam tournaments in 2020, including the recently concluded French Open. This has drawn several criticisms saying that Murray should give opportunities to young individuals.

Ivan Lendl

However, Ivan Lendl has other views on Murray. Additionally, Murray has spent some tough last three years with various injuries. Besides, the 3-times Grand Slam winner has also undergone a hip injury which turned his career. 

“I Believe Andy Murray Is Still Passionate About The Game”- Lendl

Ivan Lendl, who is the former coach of Murray believes that Murray still has a lot of passion for the game. In a podcast, Ivan replied to the words of Matt Wilander. Ivan added, “I know Mats has been criticized a lot for saying Murray shouldn’t take a wild card. Instead, he should pass on this privilege to the young ones.”

Lendl additionally disagrees with this statement by Wilander. Moreover, Lendl compared Murray’s situation with Sampras. And added, “Before Sampras won his last US Open Grand Slam, everyone was asking me, Shouldn’t Pete Sampras retire.”

Andy Murray

Additionally, Lendl said the same thing for Sampras many years ago that he is saying or Murray. He answered, “I think Murray has earned the right to play when he wants to. Till he is passionate about the game he is free to play.” Additionally, the former coach believes that Murray is still passionate about the game. 

And Murray has received criticism for not showing enough passion or emotion for the game, especially after the loss against Stan at Roland Garros.

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