“Great Player Before I came”: Former Coach Reveals Why He Remains Happy For Success Of Andy Murray


Ivan Lendl, the man behind Andy Murray ‘s success, talked with Craig Shapiro Tennis about his relationship with the former world number one.

Besides, before deciding to work with Lendl, Andy lost in major Grand Slam events on four occasions. However, after teaming up with him, the British player won 2 Grand Slam titles. Additionally, he also became world number one while working with Lendl.

Ivan Lendl, too was very fond of the player. And in the conversation, he revealed how much he loved working with Andy. He said, ”I was able to convince him and get him on the same page.” Moreover, Lendl also noted that being on the same page and believing in the way he (Murray) plays helped them progress. 

He said, ”Andy was a great player before I came along. And he is a great player now as well. And I am just very happy that I was able to give him a little bit, and maybe that has made all the difference.”

Great Success For Murray Under Ivan Lendl

Additionally, Lendl is known to help Murray improve his maturity and work on his consistency. Besides, He won two Grand Slams, the 2012 US Open and 2013 Wimbledon with Lendl. Moreover, they worked for two years before ending their partnership in 2014.

However, Lendl again worked with Murray’s team in 2016. Till the end of 2016, Murray had achieved tremendous success by adding an Olympic Gold medal to his name. 

Andy Murray

Lendl, a former world number one, was a popular figure as a player and left a mark as a tennis coach. Besides Murray, Lendl also worked with the team of Alexander Zverev.

While Murray is going through a rough patch due to his injuries and surgeries, Lendl believes that Murray is a great player now as well. However, the recent losses have made Murray think. But the British player doesn’t seem to give up so easily.

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