“Great Icon Of Our Sport”: Rafael Nadal Eager To See Roger Federer in Tennis Tour


Rafael Nadal and Federer

Rafael Nadal hopes that Roger Federer returns as soon as possible back in the game. Also, with equal amounts of action and enthusiasm! It is not new that Rafa Nadal and Roger Federer have a strong partnership. Both in and off the court. At least not because the two are keen to prove it.

He and Roger Federer share a ‘great story’ as he opened up about their friendship, Rafael Nadal says. Nadal and Federer have dominated tennis for the past 15 years, alongside Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray.

The Spaniard is in quest of a 13th title in the Paris Grand Slam at Roland Garros. He left a message to the Swiss, who will return to the competition in 2021.

Rafael Nadal and Federer

We Will No Longer Have Ten Years of Federer“: Nadal

Over the Grand Slams and other major titles, the quartet had a stranglehold, but the competitiveness seldom boiled over into hostility.

In particular, Nadal and Federer have a close partnership, as seen earlier this year, when they combined at a tennis match in Cape Town, South Africa, to break the spectators’ record.

Rafael Nadal and Federer

Additionally, Nadal said, “I have spoken to him during the past few months. I would say that we have spoken a lot. We spoke about different things that have been happening this year. We talked about work and also on a personal level, to find out how our lives are in these times.”

“I know he’s getting better and I hope he comes back as soon as possible. We don’t have 10 years of Roger left and him being on court is good for everyone because he’s one of the greatest icons of our sport.” he concluded.

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