“Goal Has Been Achieved”: Coach Carlos Moya Reveals Difficulties Behind Rafael Nadal’s Success at French Open 2020


Rafael Nadal and Carlos Moya

While it has been a tough year for everyone, Carlos Moya revealed how difficult it was for Rafa. Additionally, the 20 times Grand Slam winner was world number one at the year-end last year.

However, with the tournaments’ suspension due to the noble COVID-19 pandemic, the Spaniard entered a dark place in his life.

While Nadal is thrilled to win his 13th title at the Roland Garros, coach Moya said that the achievement is bigger than anyone can ever know. Moreover, with this Grand Slam, Nadal also equaled Federer’s record of 20 Grand Slams. 

Rafael Nadal

Carlos said that obviously, this year had been an unusual one for everyone. And nobody knows how Nadal spent his time in these months. He said, ”People who do not see the day to day have not been aware of what these months have been.”

In addition to this Moya also explained, ”These months have not been easy. But hey. In the end, he has had an incredible attitude.”

Besides, in conversation with ABC, Moya said that it was possible to achieve goals with a lot of hard work. But the day-to-day work was not an easy thing.

He said, explaining the tensions caused due to internal and external issues, ”In addition to his head and what he could think, there was a situation that has affected the whole world.”

“The Goal Was To Bring The Old Rafa Back”: Carlos Moya

Carlos Moya and Rafael Nadal

Talking about the team’s role in such difficult times, Moya said, “We acted as psychologists. Those who have been with him every day have not been workers. We have had to be friends. There have been moments of uncertainty, difficult moments.”

Moya explained that while various factors had to be kept in mind, our only objective was to be clear of our goal, bringing the old Rafa back. He said, “The goal was to return to the Rafa Nadal of old, a competitive Rafa, enjoying tennis. That goal has been achieved.”

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