“Give Himself Another Shot To Make It To The Top”: Former Coach Stefan Edberg Confident of Roger Federer Comeback


Roger Federer

Roger Federer is one of the most loved tennis players across the tennis circuit. Additionally, the Swiss is also one of the most disciplined students when it comes to being coached. Stefen Edberg is a former coach of Federer. Besides, he coached the former world number one from 2014 to the end of the next year.

In the tennis podcast, the Swede, Stefen shared his experience while coaching the Swiss tennis star. Additionally, Stefen himself was one of the best during his times.

Moreover, the Swedish player also won 6 singles Grand Slams titles, and one can say that he had what can be called an incredible journey with Federer. And even though it was only for two years, it was enjoyable.

Roger Federer

Moreover, Stefen, talking about Federer and his behaviour, said, “He is very curious.” Besides, the Swedish player and coach also described Federer as someone who is always trying to improve. Again, Stefen also said that Federer still holds a lot of passion for the game. 

“Teaching Roger Federer Is Not A Difficult Thing”: Stefen

Stefen believes that the former world number one and the current world number five will look to improve in 2021. And surely would give another shot in the coming year. He added, “I am sure he is working on getting back into the game. And give himself another shot to make it to the top.”

Roger Federer

Besides, Federer’s former coach had an only appreciation for his student. Stefen did not forget to mention how good a student Federer is. He said, “Teaching Roger Federer is not a difficult thing.” Moreover added that Federer is as a good listener as one can be. In addition to this, Stefen said, “Federer knows what to do, and he learns very quickly.”

Additionally, Federer had a tranquil season in 2020, and will now only play in the next year. Due to this, the Swiss legend also slipped one place in the rankings. At the age of 39-years-old, it would be interesting to see how far Federer goes.

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