“George Floyd Incident Opened The Eyes Of The People,” Says Coco Gauff


Coco Gauff

While the entire world is suffering from the deadly COVID-19, George Floyd’s death had shaken the United States for social equality through protests. Meanwhile, Rising star Coco Gauff says racism matters really closer to me. 

Coco Gauff took part in a peaceful protest in her hometown, Florida, and also gave an amazing speech. She is constantly putting her effort to support the Black Lives Matter Movement to eradicate racism.

In a recent interview for ahead of Top seed Open, she told “I think I learned a lot about myself over this break’’. She also added, “When I went to protest, I wasn’t initially supposed to do a speech. They asked me like maybe two minutes before to do so”. 

In addition to this, Coco Gauff is participating in Top Seed Open, Lexington for the US Open 2020 enhancement. Moreover, Serena Williams and Venus Williams are among the participant in the new WTA event.

Coco Gauff

Furthermore, She remembered her grandmother’s influence in her life. She is also feeling grateful for her stories. Her grandmother was the first to integrate Seacrest High School in Florida.

“I feel like this topic has been close to me ever since I was a kid”- Coco Gauff

Coco Gauff also said, “I also felt responsible since I do have a very big platform, that would be wrong of me to stay silent when this is an issue going on.”

“I definitely think George Floyd, at least for the world, opened a lot of people’s eyes”, American added.

In Twitter 201K people are following her. After the Black Lives Matter, the follower’s count of her account rose to a significant count.

Coco Gauff is using the platform to spread awareness about Black Lives Matter and educating the people. She also said, “I feel like this topic has been close to me ever since I was a kid, just because my parents have always talked to me about it’’.

Coco Gauff

Coco Gauff concerned about being educated on the topic to make sure not to have the wrong words. She believes to speak about it now because she knew a lot about it.

The 16-year old Coco Gauff came into limelight after an impeccable performance in Wimbledon and the US Open 2019. She also is known for her victory against the top seed Naomi Osaka in the Australian Open 2020 by a score of 6-3 6-4. 

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Moreover, Coco Gauff is currently 53rd ranking in the women’s single. She is not only concerned about tennis, raising her voice against the racial injustice which is part of the Black Lives Matter movement.


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