“Fun To Watch”: Alexander Zverev Anticipates Crazy Results in the Upcoming Tournaments



The COVID-19 Pandemic forced the Tennis world to shut down for nearly five months earlier this year. The lay-off has not only halted the revenue, and now is reflecting in the players’ on-court performance.

This year’s US Open finalist Alexander Zverev is confident about players come back after a long break. Additionally, he said, “when players come back they might be even better, but not from the first tournament. it will take some players maybe two, three, four, even five months to get back.”

Speaking about himself, German went on to say, “I’m someone who needs to play a lot of matches to play well. I need repetition, I need a lot of tournaments in a row.”


While several players are still not yet come out from the lockdown, Zverev has foreseen they are rustier than others, who returned to tour.   

He continued, “Physically I think a lot of players will have improved and will be stronger because we have had a time that we normally don’t have.”

‘A Lot of Crazy Results Will Happen”- Alexander Zverev

Even though Zverev suggested that players need several adjustments in their game, besides, he awaits certain ridiculous outcomes in upcoming tournaments. 


He also mentioned, “Tennis-wise, I think a lot of players will have widened their game a little bit, but I think they will still need time to show that on a match court. The first few tournaments will be fun to watch, but I think a lot of crazy results will happen.”

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Zverev returned to tennis circuits via the Western and Southern Open, where he was bested by Andy Murray in the second round. In the 2020 US Open, German played his first Grand Slam finals against Dominic Thiem. Eventually, he lost to the Austrian in the five sets.    


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