“Fun To Play On Clay”: Kei Nishikori Picks Rafael Nadal As One Of The Biggest Forehand Player


Kei Nishikori and Rafael Nadal

In a recent interview, Kei Nishikori, the Japanese tennis star, reveals his favorite forehands on the ATP tour. Additionally, World No.36 believes that Juan Del Potro has the best forehand in the ATP circuit. The former world number three has had several memorable moments in his tennis career. 

Moreover, one of them being the US Open win way back in 2009. Additionally, Kei Nishikori believes that the Argentine is lethal with his forehand. Besides, he said, ”Del Potro has the biggest forehand.”

Besides, Nishikori has himself been a victim of Potro’s deadly forehand play and has a lot of appreciation for his tennis court’s rival.

Second Best Forehand Belongs To Nadal While Third Will Be Gonzalez- Kei Nishikori

The second player that came to the Japanese star’s mind was none other than the 13 times Grand Slam winner at the Roland Garros, Rafael Nadal. Additionally, Nishikori, who was ranked in the top 5 in 2018, believes that one of the significant reasons behind Nadal’s success is his excellent forehand play. 

When it comes to the Spaniard, many others have earlier stated that the ”King of the Clay” has one of the finest forehand plays in tennis. Additionally, Nadal’s forehands are accompanied by either topspin or a flat stroke, making it difficult for the opponent on the other side of the court.

The third player that Kei believes has one of the best forehands is Fernando Gonzalez. Additionally, the former tennis player from Chile only played one major final in his entire tennis career.

The tennis star from Chile was well known for his strong forehand in the games. In addition to this, he was also called ”Mano de Piedra” by his fans during his time of play. Moreover, Gonzalez was a very famous name during the 2000s.

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