“For Sure He’s A Dark Horse”- Briton ATP Player Comments On Andy Murray’s Participation In US Open 2020


Andy Murray

The British professional tennis player, Ryan Peniston is currently competing at the UK Pro Classic in Weybridge. There he qualified for the Semifinals of the event on Friday. Peniston recently played with the compatriot Andy Murray in the Battle of the Brits and has some advice for his competitors!

“I was really pleased with my performance today and the first set couldn’t have gone better. And then the second set he started serving better and it was a bit tougher, but I managed to pull it out in the end.”, Briton ATP Star said.

According to the 24-year-old, Andy Murray should not be underrated in the upcoming tournament at Flushing Meadows. He seems impressed by the three-time grand slam champion’s hard work on and off-court. 

He also added, “I’m pretty excited for Andy, definitely. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a guy work so hard on the court and off the court. The things he does to take care of his body is just insane.

“100% how hard he works is what makes him so good.”- Ryan Peniston

Andy Murray

Peniston seems so sure and excited about Andy Murray’s comeback after his ongoing hip injury.  Moreover, according to him, Andy is going to play like an underdog and surprise a lot of his competitors.

Additionally, Compatriot said, “I’m pumped for him and I think he’s going to do well and surprise a few people. It’s just a case of his body holding up – if he takes care of his body, I think he’s going to be in a good place.

100% how hard he works is what makes him so good. On the court, there’s not a ball that he’s not 100 percent focused on, and off the court, he’s doing everything he can to give him that edge against players.”, is what Ryan has to say.

“For sure he’s a dark horse – guys definitely will not want to be playing him.”, Says Junior

Peniston is one of 24 leading players in the widely-billed Premier League of tennis. He got a wildcard entry for the special format after the post-lockdown schedule, playing in two of Weybridge’s five qualifying weeks. He now is aiming at the St. George’s trophy and is confident about his condition going on the court.

Ryan Peniston

“I’m definitely feeling good about the weekend and am definitely going for the title – I’m excited about the matches that I’ve got ahead. It’s materialized throughout the week – when I first started playing, I just wanted to get into my game and get into a rhythm but as it’s gone on, I’m seeing the No.1 spot as the goal.”, Ryan Peniston said.

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Andy Murray did face a setback early in his career due to his longing injury. But nevertheless, he is ready to get back on the court and better than ever!

Source: Eurosport.com


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