“Felt Like A Little Boy Seeing Roger Federer”-Argentine Football Star Remembers His Fanboying Moments


Roger Federer

Roger Federer is arguably the greatest tennis player and has millions of fans across the world. The Swiss have won hearts due to this playing style and humble personality. Additionally, the former world number one also has fans from other sports. Starting from some football greats to cricketers, Federer has all of them as fans.

This time, his fan turns out to be Alan Aguerre, an Argentinian Primera Division football star. The Argentine in his conversation with ‘#CRUZADOSxESPN’ videocast series, Aguerre shared his story of going to Europe to see his favorite tennis player in action. 

Additionally, the Argentine plays as a goalkeeper for team Newell’s Old Boys. Starting his career in 2013, he is a known player in the football game back in Argentina.

Alan Aguerre

He remembered the first time he saw Federer in action back in 2012. The Swiss visited Argentina back then to play on an exhibition tour. Besides, he was playing against Juan Martin Del Potro.

I Wanted To See Federer: Alan Aguerre

The Argentine shared how he sneaked into the stadium to see his favorite tennis athlete in action when he was in Europe. He said, “With a little on the line, I decided I wanted to go see Roger Federer. I like to travel. So I decided to go to Europe. To the French Open. And then I and my friends decided to go.”

Alan Aguerre

Further, he added remembering the moment, “One of my friends told me about the entrance to the back of the Roland Garros stadium. Well, I just imagined myself sneaking into the back. And then I see Federer and I am feeling like a little boy in the rain. Like in those movies.”

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 Moreover, the Argentine fan shared, “I did not care about the price of the ticket. I had to see Roger.”


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