“Feels Like A Different Player”: Richard Gasquet Impressed By Rafael Nadal


Richard Gasquet and Rafeal Nadal

Rafael Nadal won his first French Open title in 2005. From then on, the Spaniard has won 13 Grand Slam titles at the Roland Garros. Hence, counted as one of the greatest tennis players in the game. Additionally, the 34-years old is also known as the ”King of the Clay”. This is for his excellent performance on the red dirt surface.

Richard Gasquet, the French veteran, says that the Rafael Nadal of today is very distinct from Nadal who won his first title. Additionally, Nadal is also one of the most consistent players in the game. With the constant name in the rankings from 1 to 10.

Richard Gasquet and Rafeal Nadal

Gasquet believes that Rafael Nadal is a different player now. And he now has the pace that was absent before. Comparing him to 2005 Nadal, Gasquet said, “When you compare 2005 Rafael Nadal with his current self at Roland Garros, it feels like a different player.”

“He(Rafael Nadal) Plays Twice As Fast Now”: Richard Gasquet

Besides, Gasquet finds that the current Nadal’s speed is impressive. And Frenchman said, “He plays twice as fast now. And strikes the ball earlier.”

Moreover, while talking about Nadal, what are the chances that one can forget the talk of the “Big Three”. Paying his tribute to the big three of tennis, Gasquet said that these three players are never satisfied with the way they perform. And he said that this is the quality that sets them apart from their opponents.

Rafeal Nadal

In addition to this, the Frenchman also said that he is very impressed by these three players. Richard Gasquet believes that the three players are still motivated to perform to the best. And win the tournaments day in and day out.

Gasquet said, “What impresses me is that they manage to keep their motivation, every tournament and every week.” Besides, he also thinks that all these three players have come a long way from their 20’s. Moreover, saying that they are better in the game at 33,34 years of age than at 20.

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