“Fans Still Want to See Me, Roger and Rafa Fighting for Major Titles”: Novak Djokovic on New Grand Slam Champions


Federer, Djokovic and Nadal

While it will be good for tennis to see a new champion, but it is no secret that the fans still want to see the “big three” fight against each other to win the major titles.

Novak Djokovic, world number one who is always the top-seeded contender in the last many years, has said that Rafael Nadal, Federer, and he himself are not going anywhere in another couple of years and will put their best fight to win the titles.

Additionally, Dominic Thiem won an incredible final in the US Open against another emerging youngster Alexander Zverev. Besides, this was his first major Grand Slam title. With this, the news of the youngsters coming into tennis and winning is in the air.


However, it must be noted that while Federer and Nadal did not compete in the tournament, Djokovic had a disappointing disqualification in the 4th round.

The Serbian, though, still believes that the “big three” are still the favorites to win any title. He said, “It was expected to see Dominic Thiem as a Major champion, knowing his quality and that he had already competed in three Major Finals before the US Open.”

New Major Title Winner Is Great For Tennis” – Djokovic

In addition to this, Djokovic also said, “It is great for tennis in general and our fans. But I think they still want to see me, Roger and Rafa fighting for Major titles in the next couple of years.”

Federer, Nadal and Djokovic

The three share an amazing record with sharing a total of 56 Grand Slam titles amongst them. Besides, the win for Dominic Thiem is the first scenario in the last six years where someone other than the “big three” has won a Major title.

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Additionally, Novak Djokovic won the recently concluded Italian Open 2020 and is now focusing on the upcoming French Open, where he will be the favorite to win the tournament. Moreover, Rafael Nadal, “King Of Clay” will also play at the Roland Garros.


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