“Don’t Worry I Got You”- Serena Williams Gets Ready to Teach Tennis Lessons to Lewis Hamilton


Serena and Hamilton

One of the best athletes across the world, Serena Williams and Lewis Hamilton are the best friend. While Champions have been cheering each other in the wins and losses, they wish to learn from each other.

Lewis Hamiton, who holds numerous Formula One records under his name, is seeking tennis lessons from great Serena Williams. The six-times Formula one champion often plays tennis with his father in the leisure time. Whereas the Racing driver is still not defeated by his opponent, Lewis suspects he will be beaten by his father, who is getting better day by day.

Briton, thinking about his defeat against his father, wrote in his Instagram story, “Playing tennis with my dad as often as I can. I’m still undefeated yet he’s getting better, it‘s only a matter of time before he beats me and then I’ll have to take lessons expect a call, Serena Williams.” 

Meanwhile, Serena Williams replied to Formula One champion, “Don’t worry I got you”.

Without any delay, Hamiton expressed his gratitude to tennis great, “Ah thanks, can’t be having my dad beat me”

Hamilton Instagram Post

Lewis Hamilton Has all Praise for Serena Williams 

British racing driver has admired the American on several occasions for her on and off-court fighting spirit. 

In the 2018 US Open Finals, Serena Williams was penalized by Umpire when she had an argument about coaching during the match. Hamilton wrote about an incident, “This woman is one of the greatest athletes of all time. I’m so proud of you Serena Williams and inspired by your greatness, your humility, and your fight against all odds. God Bless you guys.”


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Lewis described Serena when She was featured in the Nike advert which telecasted during the last year’s Oscars. He wrote in a heartfelt Instagram post, “The GOAT! Equality is paramount and I’m inspired by these powerful brave women out there doing incredible things. Keep fighting.”


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