“Don’t Be A Statistic”- Financially Fit With Tennis Legend Serena Williams


Serena Williams

An American legend Serena Williams also has her interests in the business and finance world. Chase Chats had the opportunity to have a conversation with her, where she discusses financial planning, money habits, and much more.

Additionally, the webcast was concerned more with the students. Besides, the show talks about being financially independent. In addition to this, it also talks about the difficult time of pandemic and being able to be financially fit during these times.

When asked about her early life in Compton, California, Serena answered, “It wasn’t very popular for young kids. But it was very interesting. People could go to local parks. And the Black people would always play tennis. For me, it was really cool. It was an interesting experience.”

Serena Williams

The other question asked by the host was if conversations related to money happened on dining tables. Serena said, “My father always said to me that athletes always lose their money (laughingly). We had conversations on how to spend money.”

” Never Forget Your Worth”- Serena Williams

She said, “It would have been better if I was taught how to deal with saving accounts, what happens in investing money with banks.” Moreover, she also added, “If I knew this earlier, I would have practiced good ways to work with money.”

In the conversation, Serena also answered a question regarding the worth of an individual. she said, “Do not be afraid to walk away. You may face discrimination if you come from not the best background. You may listen to different things. But never forget your worth. You really need to be aware of it. And it doesn’t have to be about money.”

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When asked about how did she get into the habit of saving money at the beginning of her career, she answered, “I only way I got into the habit of was because of my family. My dad in particular. I am very fortunate for that. Don’t be a statistic.”


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