Donna Vekic-“Don’t overthink too much and try to look at the larger picture”


Donna Vekic is celebrating her victory moment

Croatian tennis star Donna Vekic, the young and energetic player stuck at home due to Coronavirus pandemic. Nevertheless, The 23-year-old has not stagnated however, she took to social media to enjoy her quarantine days with the tennis community. Vekic shows off her homecourt performances like Workouts, Cooking, Childhood memories and Easter celebration every day through her Instagram page. In a row, World No.24 shared her whole tennis life career at  Behind The Racquet stories. 

Donna asked her parents “Why not tennis?” 

From Gymnastics to Tennis Donna Vekic childhood life is too interesting to read:

Vekic said “I started playing tennis when I was six years old. From four to six I practised gymnastics. It’s one of my favourite sports, especially to watch on TV. When I started gymnastics was never to be a professional or anything.”

“I was getting better and better but one day the coaches came up to my parents and told them I would be too tall for it. Looking back I guess they were right. The summer was approaching and my parents said I should try something else. I said, ‘Why not tennis?’ From the first day, I was really into it. I remember rolling my ankle in my house before the first practice but still went.” 

“There is nothing quite like playing a night match, especially at Grand Slams. You can tell I love tennis when I spend the whole day on-site and the first thing I do when I get back to the hotel is to turn the TV on and watch more tennis.” 

Donna Vekic best friend

“ One of my closest friends is Maria Sakkari and it is never easy having to play her, which I have done a few times recently. It’s terrible. We both want to win the match and we have this friendship.”

“The worst part is she knows every single move I will do. I know what she is thinking at any given moment, just like she does. It makes it so unusual.”

“The whole time I am thinking, ‘I just want this match to be over.’ I am not thinking too much about the friendship during the match because I know we will always have it. We always have this thing where the winner pays for dinner.”

Donna Vekic concluded “tennis is not easy for all”

“My best advice for the next generation of tennis players is to find positivity. Don’t overthink too much and try to look at the larger picture. Think long term process, because even now I catch myself thinking about wanting it now and that doesn’t help me play better. It’s tough to do but you need that great team around you to help you with all of that. Not everyone can have it, it’s not easy, that’s why tennis is so tough.”


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