“Djokovic Is Playing in the Era of Two Tennis Gods in Nadal and Federer and Is a Bit of Gatecrasher”- Boris Becker


Federer, Djokovic and Nadal

Novak Djokovic, the Serbian has been in the news quite for some time now. Starting from the Adria Tour to the formation of a new Players’ Association, Djokovic is in the headlines throughout this season.

While he was having an amazing time on the tennis court, his recent disqualification from the US Open has again brought him into the news for a not-so-good reason. Additionally, Boris Becker, former coach of Djokovic also expressed his views on the incident.

Boris Becker

Boris regards this controversy as one of the darkest in the history of Djokovic’s play. And thinks of this as an incident that might not easily be forgotten by the Serbian great. Additionally, he also considers the disqualification as the worst moment in the career of Djokovic.

German said, “I like him very much. He is playing in the era of two tennis Gods in Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer and is a bit of gatecrasher.”

“He Is The Most Humble Guy You Will Find As a Superstar”- Boris On Novak Djokovic

Besides, Becker also told, “I think it does bother him that he is not as generally popular as they are.” 


In addition to this, the former coach had all praise for the world number one. He believes that it will always be wrong to think of Djokovic as someone who is arrogant. Becker told, “He is the most humble guy you will find as a superstar. And he is always thinking of people worse off than himself.”

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“He is highly intelligent and fiercely loyal to friends and family. If you are one of them, he is the kind of guy you could ring at 3 am and he would help you”, Boris said.


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