“Djokovic Has Been Using The Dropshot”: Rafael Nadal’s coach Talks on French Open 2020 Final Match Plan


Nadal and Carlos Moya

Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic are about to face off for the 56th time in their remarkable career in the French Open 2020 final. To win the match, Rafa is one of the favorite and most formidable contenders. Still, he needs to beat one of his most formidable opponents, and circumstances are different this time.

Nadal has dominated Roland Garros in the earlier times, but this time Djokovic is shining bright in the French Open with his never-ending wins. Also, the conditions of the tournament are not suiting the Spaniard this time specifically.

Since 2016, Carlos Moya has collaborated with Nadal. This time too, he’s confident that his player would take the title home.

Nadal and Carlos Moya

Carlos emphasized during a recent interview how important it is for Rafa to adapt to the new situations. At the beginning of the European summer, Roland Garros is played when the conditions are not as heavy as the current ones in October.

“Rafael Nadal Has A Plan To Beat Novak Djokovic”: Coach Moya

Talking about the final and the Nadal-Djokovic face-off, he said, “It’s a huge challenge. It is obvious that he (Djokovic) is one of the great players in history.”

“I don’t know if it will be more difficult than facing Federer at his best at Wimbledon. But we have a plan.” he (Carlos) continued sounding optimistic about the final and Rafael’s strategy.

Djokovic and Nadal

Carlos hinted upon the plan stating they would have to deal with the Serb’s drop shot, which everyone has seen him using vigorously.

“Djokovic has been using the dropshot for a long time, and over the past two weeks, he has done it even more. We will have to be ready,” Moya explained.

“Serves are less dangerous. We’ll take that into account because the service won’t earn a lot of direct points.” the coach concluded.

However, Moya sounded optimistic about the chances of the Mallorcan to win.

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