“Djokovic Cares For The Well-being of Other Players”- Alexander Zverev on New Player’s Association


Zverev and Djokovic

Alexander Zverev, the German tennis star, though admitting that he has not yet signed for the formation of the new association, thinks that Novak Djokovic is a caring person. Additionally, he also thinks that Djokovic deserves credit for his courage to come up with the formation of a new players’ association.

Djokovic resigned from the Council of ATP last week along with Vasek Pospisil, deciding to come up with a new association. However, this step hasn’t really been appreciated as much as they would have liked to.

Many greats, including rivals Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer, have ready cleared their stance against this step. Besides, Andy Murray and Dan Evans have also expressed their problems in the laying of the association.

Zverev and Djokovic

While this has brought up controversy, Zverev came in front to appreciate the efforts of Djokovic. After the second-round match at the Flushing Meadows, he said, “I have not signed the paper. But I think it is a great thing that players do want to come together.”

“He(Djokovic) Deserves Credit For Taking Out Time” – Zverev

Moreover, the winner also added, “I think it is great that we can be more united.” Besides, he also said, “Whether somebody signs the paper or not, that is in their decision. But I have to give credit to Novak and Vasek because world number 1 has more things to do than some player union or something like that.”

Zverev had all praise for Djokovic. He added, “He does not need to worry about anything. But he does. He cares for the well-being of other players. He worries about the wealth of our sport and stuff like that.”

Zverev and Djokovic

“So, I think he deserves credit for taking out time and doing these things. Because in his position, to be honest, he doesn’t need to. He can relax and do anything”, he said.

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Besides, Zverev thinks that Djokovic cares about other players and thinks of this as a great act.


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