Darren Cahill is not just a Coach for Simona Halep, But also He is a Great Motivator


Darren cahill is coaching simona halep
Darren Cahill Image Credits: Kate Tann

Former Australian Professional Tennis Player Darren Cahill who is currently coaching the World No.02 Simona Halep. Darren is not only teaching for Romanian and also helps to Halep keep calm and stay positive on and off courts. The 54-year-old  is training the Wimbledon champion since 2017. Under his mentoring Simona reached her career highest rank No.01 at WTA Ranking Table and she clinched her first Grand Slam at French Open 2018.

Darren Said to Simona, “ You can decide what you want to do here”

At 2017 Miami Open Quarterfinals the 3rd seeded Simona Halep met the brit player Johanna Konta. During the match, Simona got a courageous talk from Coach Darren Cahills when She lost the second set to Konta. Darren encouraged halep beyond the normal coach is doing on the court with kind words.  

“Darren said no problem, come on reset come on Like having to fix it nice you get it a lamp come on listening to my are you getting it down you got a couple of minutes to get all the frustrations out that’s fine.”

“You have an opportunity you have another hour of tennis outfit where you can make it physical you’re a better athlete than what she makes it an athletic contest run her mover step up don’t hit the ball in the middle of the court.”

“If you’re going to make a run inspire me by making her move every single time every time you get an opportunity to open up the court you take it don’t you make a couple of errors no problem and play this on your terms.”


“Make it an athletic context and keep your focus between the lines don’t look like the here anymore perfect put the towel on your head concentrate on what you’re doing and let’s make this a big contest this last day plan for change is the first time of the year for us where we’re kind of percent ready to go so this is a first tournament where you have an opportunity to be different hey smell smile come on let’s go you”

Simona Halep: “I keep in touch with Darren Cahill daily”

“I miss the team, I miss, I communicate quite often, even daily, because I have to stay in shape. If I lose my training it will be very difficult for me to return, so I take care of and respect the program 100%.


Darren is very good. He sends me pictures with the family. They have other conditions there and it is very easy to play tennis. Art has three children, is very busy. They are all good, they are healthy and they are looking forward to the tournaments again, ”said Halep for tennis-picks.net.


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