Chef Daria Kasatkina shows off her Tennis Ball shooting drills at homecourt


Daria Kasatkina is hitting the ball

Former World No.10 Daria Kasatkina is struggling to bring back her best tennis on the court since January 2019. However, the Russian started the new season 2020 with some confident performances unfortunately in between the entire tennis actions suspended until 13th June 2020 due to coronavirus pandemic. Notably, Kasatkina reached the semifinals at the first edition of Lyon Open

At the same time in 2017, Daria Kasatkina clinched her first WTA singles title at Charleston Open in the age of 18 years. During this self-isolation period, World No. 66 is staying at the home in Barcelona, Spain and also she is practising tennis at the parking lot.

Kasatkina spoke on Match television in Russia “Quarantine is not so bad, but sitting at home is boring. I mix leisure time with workouts in the parking lot, fitness, series, everything that everyone else does.”

Kasatkina reveals her tennis skills with Fry Fan 

Russian took Instagram to show off her extraordinary tennis skills during this quarantine days. In the latest video, Daria reveals her tennis ball shooting drill skill with Fry Pan and Mixer Jar. 

She wrote “the only way I’m good at the Kitchen” and show your skills.

2018 Mosco Open champion is practising Federer Trick Shot at Parking Lot

In this keep distancing time, players are practising tennis in different ways and they are taking whatever is suitable for them. In this row, Kastkina chose Parking Lot for her practising and also she shared a video while practising Federer Trick Shot at the Car Parking lot.

Daria quizzed her fans in the quarantine 

One of the Instagram post-Kasatkina questioned, “ Write Why do you love Tennis”. Daria described, from all answers I will choose two, which I liked most. The First Prize- Racquet with strings and for the Second Prize- Nike Court kit.

Fans Replied like this: 

Diego.Carstens- Tennis has given me almost everything I have in my life now. My Job, My best friends and a livelihood for me and my family as a tennis coach. I enjoy every aspect of it, from competing to the feeling of hitting a clean forehand. Wouldn’t Change it for everything.


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