“Bit Ruthless And Humble Person”: Casper Ruud Describes Rafael Nadal’s On and Off-Court Personality


Rafael Nadal

Casper Ruud, a Norwegian tennis player who has been training at Rafael Nadal academy at Manacor, Spain. Besides, he’s been there for about two years now since 2018. Meanwhile, the rising tennis star admits that legend Rafael Nadal is totally different in the on and off-court.

Being in his (Rafael’s) academy, Casper knows mostly all whereabouts of Rafael, in and out. Moreover, Ruud has had plenty of time to get to know Rafael’s attitude on and off the court.

Casper Ruud

Talking about Spaniard’s on-court attitude, Casper said, “Rafael Nadal is an extremely different person off the court. On the pitch, he is both fearless and a bit ruthless towards opponents. You might almost think he likes to bother them with the game he’s playing.”

“Fun For Me To Experience and See Rafael’s Personality Switches”: Casper Ruud

Whereas off the courts, he (Casper Ruud) explained about Rafa’s nature, “Off the pitch, he’s extremely calm, and a normal, humble person.” Ruud also said, “It’s kind of like he just flipped on the switch and was a different person when he walked into a tennis court.”

However, his words clearly expressed how different his personality must be both on and off the court. Besides, a player needs to be fearless on the field to win more and more matches. However, his humble personality is something that his fans love!

Rafael Nadal

the 21-years-old continued, “It was fun for me to experience and see Rafael’s personality switches.” After-which, Ruud talked about how appreciating Rafael is towards him. He expressed, “He sends “congratulations” when I do well and things like that, so it’s a nice gesture from him. I got a message from him after Rome.”

Such gestures truly reflect the sportsmanship a player intact in himself. Moreover, he keeps on praising what he has learned in the academy.

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