”Best Is Roger Federer”: Rafael Nadal ’s Uncle Answers on the Debate Between Who Is Better


Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal

Toni Nadal, uncle and former coach of the French Open 2020 champion Rafael Nadal is amazingly delighted to see his nephew claim another title at the Roland Garros. 

Additionally, in a recent visit to A Dario, he shared his emotions after a historic win. In a conversation with Radio MARCA’s microphones, how happy he was to see Nadal win. Besides, it is also saying that it was a match against an adamant opponent. 

Roger Federer

In addition to this, Toni Nadal also talked about the advice he gave to Nadal before the matches. Moreover, he also answered one of the most debatable questions in the history of the game. On who is better between Nadal and Federer, Toni Nadal said that the best is still Roger. And mentioned his achievements. 

“Everything Counts”- Uncle Toni

Toni said, ” I say that the best is Roger Federer has more titles in tournaments. He also has more victories and has been in the number one position for more weeks. And everything counts.”

Additionally, with 20 Grand Slams each, the battle between the two legends will be a treat to watch. Besides, the question of the GOAT of tennis is also on the rise again. 

Toni Nadal and Rafael Nadal

With 13 Grand Slam titles in Paris, the Spaniard deserves all the merit points, as uncle Toni said. Toni Nadal explained how Rafa had won all these Grand Slams at the Roland Garros quickly.

Additionally, while the battle for the game’s best player is again high, it would be interesting to see who ends up having more Grand Slams. Besides, many think it would be wrong to leave world number one, Novak Djokovic, aside from this battle.

While the battle is still on, it is clear who is Toni Nadals’ best player. Roger Federer, one of the most excellent ambassadors of the game, will play in the next year, and hence the battle will be strong between the two.

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